Training &
Training Management

GARDANT provides a variety of training and training management tools and technologies. In support of Information Management GARDANT is uniquely qualified and certified to provide “Certified Information Professional” training.

GARDANT will provide three types of process and standards training. This will include online, classroom and train the trainer. The substantial benefits of this procedural effort include reducing costs associated with the overall storage of data; the retrieval efficiency of the data including speed of search; platform for reference,( mobile, office based or paper) and; the benefits related to legal standardization.

Our program definition will be based on the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) Certified Information Professional qualifying process of which GARDANT personnel are authors, editors and implementers. GARDANT personnel are not only Six Sigma certified but are among the only qualified, Certified Information Professionals in the world. The AIIM ( certification is a globally recognized standard.