Past Performance


Past Performance

GARDANT Personnel have been contracted to provide both Capture Management and Proposal Support for a large 1st tier Prime government contractor for opportunities in both GWAC and Task order based procurements.

GARDANT Personnel are frequently asked to participate as subject matter experts in the areas of Social Media, Multi-channel Contact Centers, Information Management, Voice and Automated telephony, Customer Service and Training.

GARDANT Personnel have been consultants to leading government organizations worldwide in the areas of government contracting, foreign policy and election validation. Long standing working relationships have been established with senior stakeholders in technology, industry and international business.

GARDANT Personnel have designed and delivered Information Management Solutions for organizations such as the US Department of Defense, British Nuclear Fuel, the British Library, the Library of Congress, Dow Corning, Dow Chemical, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the US Army, the US Navy, the US State Department, Shell Oil, Exxon Mobil, Glaxo Smith Klein, Optus, the Government of Argentina, the Government of Costa Rica and Merrill Lynch.

GARDANT Personnel are experienced in streamlining operations, implementing cost control processes, establishing operational and compliance policies and procedures, creating and monitoring internal controls and providing recommendations for improving administrative and operational efficiencies.

GARDANT Personnel have worked with clients to ensure that they are in compliance with government contracting requirements.

GARDANT Personnel have been engaged by numerous legal firms which required subject matter expertise in the areas of transportation and privatization, technology patents and in areas of information capture and digital rights management.

GARDANT Personnel have been contracted with to secure permanent and temporary positions in engineering and technology disciplines for a large multi-national architecture and engineering consulting firm.

GARDANT Technologies Inc. provided security technology support services for major DoD Acquisition Technology & Logistics (AT&L) organization providing recognized award winning customer and network operations support for about 1,200 personnel as well as interfacing with numerous external network infrastructures