Information Management

Information Management

GARDANT focuses on your information’s data by creating useful information, protecting your digital assets and delivering technology not for technology sake but for compliance, usefulness and a competitive edge. GARDANT is an IBM Partner, Certified Information Professional Training organization whose personnel have delivered Information Management solutions to Fortune 100 and government agencies world-wide

Social Media/Information Management

GARDANT’s Information Management offerings provide overall strategic planning, policy formulation and deployment of processes, procedures and technologies that provide an organization with the following:

  • Social Media Strategy consisting of analyzing and creation of “Why do it”, “Where to best deploy it” and “How to manage it.”
  • Standardized ability to capture all corporate and customer social media data with measured and deliberate processes.
  • Freedom of speech searching and retrieval allowing employees, constituents and customers the ability to find and utilize information through searches that use familiar context, syntax and structure.
  • Establishment of legal and industry storage compliance that provides continual monitoring of information security, management of compliance including HIPAA and FISMA and creating information preservation strategies consistent with corporate goals, customer requirements and/or organizational mandates.
  • Providing policy and process for the capture, interpretation, analysis and management of all Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram and others.
  • Virtual Certified Information Professionals (CIP) whose charter is to provide support for and linking between an organization’s Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Legal Counsel and Chief Financial Officer.

GARDANT’s capabilities additionally include providing systemic technology consulting and solutions that are focused on operations and technology enhancements. GARDANT provides gain-sharing cost savings studies and technology deployments in the areas of Business Process Reengineering, Voice Directed Automation, Healthcare Compliance, Real-Time Language Translation and Knowledge Management.