1. DHS Eagle – 5 Years + 2 options ($2.5B Contract Ceiling)

This contract was established to provide multiple Information Technology Support Services. GARDANT is a first tier subcontractor in the small business category partnered with the prime that has been awarded contract roles in the following functional categories

  • FC-1: Infrastructure Engineering Design, Development, Implementation and Integration;
  • FC-2: Operations and Maintenance; and
  • FC-4: Software Development, covering the full gamut of IT lifecycle support services and solutions.

2. GSA VETS – 5 Years + 5 Year options ($5B Contract Ceiling)

GARDANT is a first tier partner GSA VETS contract vehicle. This contract was established to provide Information Technology and Program Management support services to ALL Federal Agencies (GWAC) and was set-aside for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB). The Federal government has incentives to utilize this contract and in many cases there are Agency-wide goals of 3% for SDVOSB quota’s which has not been achieved.


GARDANT is a First Tier subcontractor to VETS Inc. on the Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Relationship Management (VRM) contract. The VRM program will provide the capabilities required to achieve on-demand access and benefits to comprehensive VA services and benefits in a consistent, user-centric manner to enhance Veterans, their families, and their agents’ self-service experience through a multi-channel customer relationship management approach.

The VRM strategic business objectives are listed below:

  • Improve efficiency by facilitating anytime, anywhere access via web to promote self-service and access to personalized information.
  • Ensure that Veterans and beneficiaries have access to accurate and consistent information on benefits and services through one knowledge base.
  • Streamline and improve internal business processes in order to provide high quality experiences for Veterans and their beneficiaries.
  • Improve transparency and provide seamless support across all touch points.
  • Improve consistency and quality across all Veteran interfaces through the sharing of knowledge.
  • Become more Veteran-focused and information-centric by providing a single 360 degree view of the Veteran and all stakeholders. Improve ability to measure service quality.
  • Improve VA’s ability to successfully resolve Veterans and beneficiaries’ issues on first contact.
  • Allow Veterans to receive care in VA and community care centers at reduced burden to Veterans through implementation of an industry standard beneficiary identification.

GARDANT will provide its industry leading consulting and technology solutions in support of the VA and all of the relationship management issues.